What Are Managed Print Services?

Businesses on the hunt for better print management will encounter many varieties of managed print services (MPS.) If you're exploring MPS as a solution for your print fleet, it might be hard to get clarity on what that really means. So what is managed print? Here's how we do it.

Our ManagedPrint solution is fully integrated management of an organization's entire print fleet and all associated printing costs in all locations. Your office technology doesn't have to be a burden, and print costs can be tracked and controlled.

We typically based on a cost-per-print (CPP) model. The cost to print a page is inclusive of supplies, service labor, repair parts, 100% printer warranty and valuable management reporting.

What Is Print Management?

Six Ways ManagedPrint Delivers Value.

Most companies experience significant savings in overall print-related costs with a print management solution like ours. That's not surprising when you consider how many ways we bring value to document workflow and print services.

1 - Data Collection, Predictive Analytics and IoT

Today’s intelligent printers belong to the Internet of Things (IoT), and that has value for your technology uptime. Print devices include sophisticated IoT sensors to measure changes like temperature or vibrations. This data feeds predictive analytics to communicate in advance when a component might fail. Catching problems early increases your business uptime and avoids cost.

ManagedPrint works with specialized print management software to collect data at the device-level monthly. This information from local and networked devices is imported directly into our ManagedPrint backend software. This helps us provide detailed reports on critical information. We use it to collaborate and make informed decisions when it comes to your printer fleet.

This non-invasive software has been used in businesses that require the highest levels of network security, including hospitals and banks. ManagedPrint can set up custom monthly reports to optimize service levels, automate toner replenishing, and notify when a device needs immediate attention.

2 - Fast, On-Site Support for Printer Repair

When something breaks, that's probably when you want managed services the most, and we're known for fast response. Our technicians provide on-site service and come prepared with fully stocked service vehicles. Smart phones give quick access to our backend service module to see data related to the printer. The result is real time information and faster completion of service issues.

3 - Toner and Supply Fulfillment

Supplies are either drop-shipped or delivered directly to end users. Remote monitoring software proactively alerts users when toner is running low.

4 - Device Management

Printer fleet assessment is continuous. Device positioning, relocations and replacement recommendations optimize the entire print environment. We'll recommend and implement proactive service actions to contain printing costs and maximize user uptime. When a printer approaches end of life, we watch for an above-average number of service incidents or if it becomes more expensive to service than to replace.

5 - Single Invoice for All Print Management Services

A monthly invoice will detail both service costs and print volume by device or cost center. This creates an easier, predictable process for accounts payable. A business can consolidate multiple invoices for toner orders and service calls incurred throughout the month into one comprehensive monthly bill. It’s simple, clear and easy to compare cost against budget.

6 - Management Reporting

Printer-related information is collected continuously, so we quickly generate a variety of reports to help everyone understand the print environment. Perhaps someone wants to know about color printing trends, or what kinds of documents users or departments print. This is all easily done with our portfolio of PowerBI and document management solutions.

We schedule periodic reviews where this information is analyzed, compiled into an Executive Summary, and presented to your team. Clients also benefit from our ability to benchmark against industry standards. We review results and recommendations in three main areas:

  • Financial results
  • Printing trends
  • Service performance

These reviews are opportunities to share new ideas and trends, and we provide guidance and a roadmap for further improvements. This fulfills our process of continuing to optimize the management of your fleet.


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