Benefits of Managed Print

  • Benefits of a Managed Print Environment

Benefits of a Managed Print Environment

Here's what you can expect to see when moving from an unmanaged to a Managed Print environment:

What it Costs

A single monthly invoice details costs and volumes by printer and/or cost center. Try collecting the myriad of invoices in a typical unmanaged environment. A logistical nightmare. In a managed environment, these costs are known every month.

Data to Make Informed Decisions

Since information is collected continually on both costs and device volumes, a history will emerge of your printing habits. This data will allow for better decisions on printer redeployment or when upgrading your fleet. You can't manage what you don't measure.

Higher Service Levels

Of course, you will have highly trained printer technicians servicing your printer fleet.  But now an intelligent approach to service can be made a proactive approach based on printing habits.  Instead of a once a year check up on all printers. ManagedPrint designs a specific preventative maintenance plan for each unique client. Tailored to touch the critical printers more frequently then those doing less volume  After all, these are the printers doing most of the printing.  It's a better approach provided you have the printer information. The result?  Less critical downtime.

Refocus Employees

From IT to procurement, many people are involved in the support and acquisition of printer supplies. These employees can be refocused on more critical company priorities.


While we have seen savings of over 50%, you can expect hard dollars savings anywhere from 10% to 30% with all the added benefits listed above.