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5 Common Myths About Managed Print Services

March 9, 2023
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At ManagedPrint, we see many companies turn away from managed print services (MPS), not because of reasons that are valid, but because of things they have heard concerning managed print services. We would like to go over some of the myths and explain in more detail what the truth is for your business.

We have been in the managed print space for over a decade, and we have seen many programs come and go. We are here to educate and implement custom managed print services for our clients across the United States.

In this article we will cover the 5 common myths we hear when we are talking to potential clients about the benefits managed print services can bring to their business.

Myth 1:  Managed Print Services is Only for Large Companies

It’s common for companies to think that because they only have 10 or 20 printers, managed print services wouldn’t be right for them. Their thought process might be “How difficult can it be to repair and get the toners I need for just 10 printers?” The good thing about managed print services is you receive discounts on service and supplies, so you can often get the management of your printers taken off your plate at a price equal to or cheaper than your internal staff having to do all the work.

Myth #2: MPS is Too Expensive

As you see from Myth #1, there is generally a cost-related fear centered around MPS. What’s interesting about MPS, is that it’s really about the control and efficiency of your devices more than costs. The costs are generally in the same ballpark as not managing your business printers if you have detail-oriented staff taking care of day-to-day maintenance. ManagedPrint offers plans to take this work off the plate of your staff and to ensure fair pricing for toners, fusers, maintenance, and device reporting so you understand what every printer is costing each month. Not to mention the time your staff will get back to focus on business functions and tasks.

Myth #3 – Managed Print = Printer Maintenance

Managed print services are more than just printer maintenance. ManagedPrint also offers software services like PaperCut to manage printing queues and establish print rules (such as: don’t print XLS files in color if you wanted spreadsheets to only be printed in black and white, etc.) Partnering with an MPS partner like ManagedPrint, can help you get the maintenance you need, support for print driver installs, firmware updates, print management software, and nationwide printer repairs, go a long way to boost efficiency for your business.

Myth #4:  Print Management is Always the Same

If you have worked with a MPS provider in the past, it is possible to believe you don’t need print management because your previous provider missed key items your business really needed. When we begin a managed print engagement, we discuss what your current pain points are and how we can support your business goals. It’s pretty rare to have exactly the same program for any two companies, which is why we customize programs that are tailored to your unique business.

Myth #5 – Managed Print is a One Time Event

As nice as it would be to have a “set it and forget it” approach, managed print services require participation from our team and yours. We host business reviews (set to happen quarterly or annually) where we review your current fleet and strategize for what makes sense to tackle over the next several months. These initiatives can include plans to swap devices, to update firmware, to get print management software deployed, to decommission devices, or to rearrange configurations to be more efficient, etc. Regardless of the goal, we are here to help your business.

If you think it is time to revisit and consider managed print services, ManagedPrint would love to be your partner going forward. If you have a fleet of printers and want them working, taken care of and have plans which improve your efficiency and bottom line, we can help. Contact us today!