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Data-Driven Decisions: The Role of Analytics in Print Management

August 29, 2023
Data Driven Decisions The Role Of Analytics In Print Management Data Driven Decisions The Role Of Analytics In Print Management

The power of making decisions based on data is changing businesses all over the world, and print management is no different. At ManagedPrint, we think that analytics are a key part of making and keeping print environments that are efficient and cost-effective. Businesses can stop making choices based on guesswork and gut feelings and start making strategic, accurate, and important ones instead.

Hidden costs to clear costs

The first problem that many businesses have when they try to manage their print fleet is that they can't see what's going on. Companies can be left in the dark if they don't know how much they print, how well their devices work, and how much it costs. Analytics are a strong tool that can turn this darkness into light.

Businesses can find out which devices are overused, underused, or just right by getting thorough reports on how they are used. These insights help find areas of inefficiency that need to be fixed, which leads to better gadget placement and big cost savings.

Getting ready for preventive maintenance

Another big benefit of using analytics in print management is that it helps with preventive upkeep. By keeping track of things like device error codes, usage patterns, and the number of pages printed, we can figure out when a printer may need repair or new parts. This proactive method helps reduce downtime, which increases productivity and makes your devices last longer.

Making it easier to manage costs

Cost control and cost reduction is one of the main goals of controlled print services. Analytics are a very important part of reaching this goal. ManagedPrint's detailed cost-per-print information lets businesses know how much they spend on printing, right down to how much each print costs. This detailed view of costs lets businesses find ways to cut costs, like rules-based printing and gadget optimization.

Getting things better all the time

The use of analytics in print management leads to continuous improvement on top of the instant benefits of better efficiency and cost management. When businesses look at the data on a regular basis, they can see how well their print management methods are working and make any changes that are needed. We do Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) at ManagedPrint, where we look at how well your print system is working and change our services to meet your changing needs.

Start your analytics journey with ManagedPrint

Data is more than just knowledge in the business world of today. It's a valuable asset that helps make strategic decisions and fuels growth. In print management, analytics are like a compass that shows companies how to be more efficient, save money, and run their business better. As the leader in managed print services, ManagedPrint is dedicated to using analytics to better meet your printing needs. We have the data-driven solutions you need whether you want to learn more about your print processes or take control of your print fleet. Talk to a ManagedPrint pro today to find out more.