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FERPA Compliance: The Role of ManagedPrint in Safeguarding Educational Records

November 30, 2023
FERPA Compliance The Role Of Managedprint In Safeguarding Educational Records FERPA Compliance The Role Of Managedprint In Safeguarding Educational Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a U.S. federal law that provides guidelines for protecting the privacy of student education records. In the modern educational setting, much of this sensitive information passes through or is stored in printers and copiers. 

This highlights the crucial role that a managed print services provider like ManagedPrint can play in a comprehensive FERPA compliance strategy.

Understanding FERPA’s Scope

FERPA governs how educational institutions and affiliated third parties handle personally identifiable information in student records. The law stipulates that schools must have written permission from parents or eligible students to release any information from a student's education record. It also allows parents and eligible students the right to inspect and request changes to those records.

Importance of Secure Printing Solutions

Given that printers and copiers are often networked and have storage capabilities, they can become a weak link in an institution's information security chain. Data can be intercepted during transmission to a printer or scanner, or it may be retrieved from the device’s internal storage. This makes it essential to consider printers and copiers as vital components in a FERPA compliance strategy.

How ManagedPrint Contributes to FERPA Compliance

  • Secure Print Release: ManagedPrint offers solutions that require authentication before any print job can be released. This ensures that sensitive documents won't be left in the output tray for unauthorized eyes.
  • Encryption: With ManagedPrint services, data transmission between devices is encrypted, making it difficult for unauthorized entities to intercept sensitive information.
  • Audit Trails: ManagedPrint provides detailed reporting and tracking features that allow educational institutions to maintain a record of all print, scan, and copy activities. This is essential for auditing and compliance.
  • Document Management: ManagedPrint can integrate with existing Document Management Systems, ensuring that electronic records are appropriately categorized and stored in a manner consistent with FERPA guidelines.
  • Access Control: Customizable access settings ensure that only authorized individuals can use the advanced functions of printers and copiers, thereby preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Partnering with ManagedPrint for Compliance

Choosing a managed print services provider like ManagedPrint signifies a commitment to data security and compliance. We offer specialized services designed for educational institutions that understand the imperative of safeguarding student information. Our experts can conduct an in-depth assessment of your current print environment to recommend targeted solutions that align with FERPA requirements.

FERPA compliance is not just about having secure servers or encrypted databases; it also extends to the less obvious but equally critical aspects like print and document management. ManagedPrint serves as a strategic partner in safeguarding educational records by offering secure, efficient, and compliant print solutions tailored for the needs of educational institutions.

To learn more about how ManagedPrint can assist your institution in its FERPA compliance journey, please contact us today.


1. What is FERPA and why is it important?

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Compliance with FERPA is mandatory for educational institutions that receive federal funding. It ensures that sensitive student information is securely stored and accessed only by authorized individuals.

2. How can ManagedPrint services help with FERPA compliance?

ManagedPrint offers a range of secure printing solutions designed to safeguard sensitive data. These solutions include secure print release, encryption during data transmission, detailed reporting for auditing, and customizable access controls, all of which are critical for FERPA compliance.

3. Do ManagedPrint services include audit trails?

Yes, ManagedPrint provides detailed reporting and tracking features, enabling educational institutions to maintain an accurate record of all print, scan, and copy activities. This is a crucial requirement for ensuring FERPA compliance during audits.

4. Can ManagedPrint integrate with our existing Document Management System?

Absolutely. ManagedPrint offers seamless integration with existing Document Management Systems, thereby helping you manage electronic records in compliance with FERPA guidelines.