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How Managed Print Services Improve Customer Service

March 7, 2023
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Quality, efficiency, and reliability. These are the top qualities often sought after by customers when availing any business service. But businesses can encounter issues that can affect customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty to their brand, which can compromise their bottom line. Long wait times or slow response times, and inconsistent service are just some of the struggles businesses can encounter that can lead to a loss of business opportunities. 

When we hear customer service, we often think of long phone calls centered on resolving complaints and issues. While resolving problems is certainly an important part of customer service, it’s not the only aspect.  

Technology has come a long way to help businesses proactively address issues and engage with customers, providing resources to help them make informed decisions, as well as offering ongoing support and guidance. Such technological solutions, like managed print services (MPS), have improved customer service in many ways.  

In this article, we’re going to learn how MPS can help your business provide high-quality customer service and build strong customer relationships. We hope this helps recognize how MPS helps businesses provide a better service.  

Managed Print Services is a Customer Service in Itself 

Customer service is an essential part of the customer experience, as it plays a critical role in building strong relationships between customers and businesses. However, customer service isn’t just troubleshooting customer concerns. Successful customer service considers the quality of the interaction, the speed of the response, and the effectiveness of the solution provided. Customers value businesses that go above and beyond to provide proactive solutions and support.  

With those parameters in place, we can then say that Managed Print Services (MPS) are considered customer services because it helps businesses improve the quality of service; they provide to their customers by bringing proactive solutions. Here are some instances where MPS can be considered customer service and how it helps businesses provide a stronger relationship with their customers. 

Enhanced Security for Customer’s Peace of Mind 

MPS can help implement secure printing solutions that protect sensitive customer information. This can give customers peace of mind by knowing that their data is being protected, which can improve their perception of the business as a whole.   

Streamlined Printing Processes for Improved Efficiency 

MPS has built-in automation tools that help analyze and optimize a company's printing environment, thereby implementing more efficient workflows. This can lead to faster turnaround times for printed materials, which can improve customer satisfaction. For example, if a company can print and send deliverables faster, customers would appreciate the faster response time to cater to their needs. 

Scalability Opportunities 

Without the ability to scale printing resources to meet demand, companies may struggle to keep up with sudden spikes in orders or other changes in demand. This can lead to missed opportunities and lost revenue.  

Managed print services can offer a proactive approach to this thanks to their scalable solutions that can grow with a company's needs. This can help companies better serve their customers by providing them with the resources they need to meet changing demands. For example, if a company experiences a sudden increase in orders, an MPS provider can adjust resources for printing capacity to handle the increased workload. 

Predictive Maintenance 

MPS utilizes predictive maintenance to monitor printers and identify potential issues before they become major problems. This helps ensure that devices used in workflows, such as printers, are functioning properly and that any issues are addressed before they can have an impact on the customer's end. This can lead to improved uptime, faster response times, and improved reliability by the customer on the businesses’ services. 

Proactive Monitoring and Support 

MPS can help businesses proactively monitor and maintain printers to reduce the risk of downtime. Without the ability to monitor printing activity, companies may have difficulty identifying areas where improvements can be made. However, with MPS services, business owners are able to lessen downtime and ensure customer retention by providing a continuous flow of deliverables. such as shipping labels or customer contracts. 

Customized Solutions 

Managed print services providers can offer customized solutions that are tailored to a company's specific needs. This can help companies better serve their customers by providing them with the right tools they need in order to meet the consumers’ demand. For example, if a company needs to print a large volume of marketing materials, an MPS provider can offer a scalable and automated workflow solution that can handle the increased workload. 

Businesses that aren’t opting for managed print services may encounter problems that can impact how they provide quality service to their customers. Partner with an MPS provider to improve on your printing processes and ultimately provide better service today.  

By partnering with MPS solutions providers like ManagedPrint, you can better serve your clients while leaving the print management to the experts. Talk to us, we’re happy to help add value and provide you with the technology you need to be successful.