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How ManagedPrint Can Help Schools

March 28, 2023
How Managedprint Can Help Schools How Managedprint Can Help Schools

If you are responsible for the budget at a school, you have certainly considered the costs associated with print. These start with the equipment itself, and then you find it goes to the supplies that are purchased and perhaps placed in a supply room, to the time it takes your staff to solve paper jams.

ManagedPrint has been helping to take the burden off of schools (private and public) for years. Our team understands the unique challenges in the education market, and we can make a customized proposal for your school.

Here are some ways we have helped schools with our managed print offering:

  • Cost Savings: Managed Print Services help schools save money on printing costs by reducing waste, consolidating equipment, and maximizing printer use. ManagedPrint can look at your school's printing environment to find ways to save money and make a solution that fits your school's needs.
  • Increased Productivity: Managed Print Services can make a business more productive by making printing processes more efficient. With ManagedPrint, your school can have a streamlined and automated print environment that makes teachers and staff's jobs easier and frees them up to work on more important tasks.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Managed Print Services can help schools reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainability. ManagedPrint can help your school use eco-friendly printing methods like using recycled paper, cutting down on paper use, and putting in place settings and software that save energy.
  • Improved Security: Managed Print Services can make your school's printing environment safer by putting in place access controls, tracking and monitoring usage, and keeping sensitive documents from being seen by people who shouldn't. ManagedPrint can help your school keep its printing environment safe so that data breaches and other security problems don't happen.
  • Costs that are easy to plan for: Managed Print Services give schools printing costs that are easy to plan for and manage. This cuts down on unexpected costs and makes it easier to budget. ManagedPrint has pricing plans that can be changed to fit the budget and printing needs of your school. We can even design a plan that accommodates the lower usage in the summer months.
  • Expert Support: Managed Print Services give schools access to expert technical support and help. ManagedPrint offers dedicated account managers, on-site support, and remote help to make sure that your school's printing environment is running smoothly and efficiently.

Overall, Managed Print Services can help your school find a way to print that is efficient, cheap, and good for the environment. With ManagedPrint's expertise and custom solutions, your school can get more done, feel safer, and know what costs to expect.

We have worked with other school systems, and we can provide references as well as contact names when it is absolutely critical and our contacts have the time to chat. We specialize in coming up with print solutions to maximize security, minimize downtime, and minimize costs.

If you would like to talk more, please call us or fill out our webform.