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Outsourced Help Desk for Printers

July 28, 2022
Outsourced Help Desk For Printers Outsourced Help Desk For Printers

Outsourced Help Desk for Printers

If you have a large IT department, you know that roughly 40% of the calls that come in have to do with printers and copiers. If you are wondering about outsourcing this function, we would love to help you.

We have over 10,000 printers under management, which includes our help desk services. We can help make your team more efficient by using our help desk.

We will go over when an outsourced helpdesk makes sense, and when you should keep the help desk in house.

Remote Monitoring

One huge advantage you will gain by having a managed print provider manage your printers help desk, is that tools are available to solve problems before they happen.

Perhaps your team prints, and prints, and then on a Friday afternoon, they realize they are out of toner and the last person forgot to order any. Now they are down for the weekend.

With good remote monitoring software, this toner would have been shipped a few weeks before (when it hit about 10% or whatever the threshold set was for shopping toners). This makes that service ticket disappear, so no one has to take it.  We can usually get rid of about 1/2 of your tickets by using remote monitoring and active technician policies.

Customer Service Improvement

There are two ways to look at customer service improvement. The first way is if you think of your employees who are not in IT as “customers”. The second is the actual company customer. Having fewer issues improves service for both sets of customers, internal and external.

If the customers can get their receipts and the employees can print them, it is a lot less stressful for both.

Life Cycle Management

Another benefit of using a managed print company to do your help desk for printers, is that we keep track of service calls and we can help you see when a printer or copier has hit the end of its useful life. This matters to make sure you get the full life out of a product and you aren’t replacing printers too soon in their lifecycle.

Driver Support

Another benefit you will get is that we know each driver well, and how to apply Universal Print Drivers too, where appropriate.  This makes the support of the print fleet more unified and works to have both our team and your team in alignment.

Lower Workload

Everyone knows how tricky it is to find qualified IT staff right now. If you can reduce your ticket load by 40%, it could mean that you need to hire more staff, you could really just outsource the biggest ticket source and keep your staff and have a little extra room to tackle the important security projects and other IT priorities you have had.

We can help you with your printer management, including a solid help desk support team. If you would like to learn more about our services, please give us a call.

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