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Print Environment - More than just your Printers

September 28, 2023
Print Environment More Than Just Your Printers (1) Print Environment More Than Just Your Printers (1)

At ManagedPrint, we manage print environments. One of the common misconceptions is this means we simply supply toners and do repairs to printers and copiers. Managing a print environment involves much more than simple asset management. Your print environment is an interconnected web of technologies, processes, and human behaviors that can significantly impact efficiency, costs, and security. Let's dive into the multifaceted universe of the business print environment.

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1. Print Infrastructure

This refers to the physical devices present in an organization. It includes:

  • Desktop Printers: Personal devices for individual or shared use.
  • Multi-Function Printers (MFPs): Devices that can print, copy, scan, and sometimes fax.
  • Commercial Copier: Used in areas of the company such as the internal print shop.
  • High-Volume Printers: For large-scale print jobs and high volume departments.
  • Specialized Printers: Such as label or card printers.

2. Software Solutions

Several software solutions can be integrated to enhance functionality:

  • Print Management Software: Allows for monitoring and control over print jobs, user access, and more.
  • Document Management Systems (DMS): Organize, store, and track digital documents.
  • Mobile Printing Solutions: Enable printing from mobile devices.

3. Workflow and Processes

The way documents move through an organization is crucial. Key components include:

  • Document Capture: Scanning physical documents to digital formats.
  • Document Processing: Routing, storing, or transforming captured documents.
  • Document Output: Printing or electronically sharing documents.

4. Print Policy

Outlining guidelines and best practices around:

  • When to Print: Encouraging digital storage over physical.
  • Double-Sided Printing: Promoting resource conservation.
  • Color vs. Black & White: Designating appropriate usage to save costs.

5. Cost Management

Understanding and optimizing:

  • Cost-per-Print: Breaking down the expenses associated with each printed page.
  • Total Cost of Ownership: Assessing the long-term costs of printers, including maintenance, toner, etc.
  • Return on Investment: Evaluating the value received from print-related investments.

6. Security

Given that printers are part of the network, they can be vulnerable points:

  • Access Control: Ensuring only authorized individuals can use specific functionalities.
  • Print Encryption: Making sure printed data is secure.
  • Network Security: Protecting printers from potential cyber threats.

7. Sustainability

Print environments can impact the planet:

  • Eco-friendly Printers: Devices designed to minimize energy consumption.
  • Recycling Programs: For cartridges, old devices, and paper.
  • Digital-first Initiatives: Encouraging digital sharing over printing.

8. User Behavior and Training

The human aspect plays a huge role in efficient print management:

  • Training: Ensuring users know how to use devices effectively and responsibly. Train users as they print what behaviors will save the company money.
  • Feedback Systems: Allowing users to report issues or suggest improvements.

9. Vendor Relationships

Businesses don't operate in isolation:

  • Supply Chain Management: Keeping track of toner, paper, and spare parts.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Understanding what to expect from vendors in terms of service and maintenance.

10. Future-proofing

Adapting to the ever-evolving tech landscape:

  • Regular Upgrades: Ensuring software and hardware are up-to-date.
  • Adoption of New Technologies: Like cloud printing or AI-driven print solutions.

Trust ManagedPrint to Manage Your Print Environment

A business print environment is a complex entity that needs regular attention and optimization. By understanding its various components, organizations can ensure that their print environment is not only efficient and cost-effective but also secure and sustainable. Every facet, from the devices used to the behaviors of users, plays a role in crafting a successful, streamlined print landscape. ManagedPrint is here to help you have all of these aspects under control.