Managed Print Services

Using Workflows to Streamline Business Operations

January 24, 2024
Using Workflows To Streamline Business Operations Using Workflows To Streamline Business Operations

In the quest for operational efficiency, businesses often overlook one significant aspect - the management of their printer fleet. Managed Print Services (MPS) offers a strategic approach to handling this, but how effective is it in streamlining business workflows? Let’s dive into the impact of MPS on workflow efficiency and the kind of return on investment (ROI) it can offer.

Does Managed Print Services Improve Workflow? 

Independent research supports the claim that MPS can significantly improve business workflows. A study by the Photizo Group found that organizations utilizing MPS experienced a 30% reduction in print-related costs. Moreover, a Gartner report highlighted that MPS could lead to a 10-30% reduction in printing costs, underscoring its efficiency benefits.

Understanding Business Workflow and MPS Fit: Business workflow encompasses the series of tasks and processes that are undertaken to complete a business function. MPS fits into this by managing the entire lifecycle of document handling – from printing to scanning, copying, and digital storage. By optimizing these processes, MPS can reduce time wastage, improve process speeds, and enhance overall productivity.

ROI Expectations from a Well-Executed MPS Plan: The ROI from a well-implemented MPS plan can be substantial. According to a study by Quocirca, businesses adopting MPS can expect an average cost saving of up to 30%. Additionally, MPS can contribute to indirect ROI through improved employee productivity, reduced environmental impact, and better allocation of IT resources.

Example Workflows Enhanced by MPS:

Human Resources Onboarding Process: Traditionally, onboarding involves a substantial amount of printing and paperwork. MPS can streamline this by automating document workflows, enabling digital signatures, and efficiently managing the print output, thereby reducing time and paper waste.

Marketing Material Production: Marketing departments often produce a large volume of print materials. MPS can optimize this process by managing print jobs efficiently, ensuring high-quality output, and reducing turnaround times, which is crucial for time-sensitive marketing campaigns.

Financial Reporting: In finance departments, printing sensitive financial reports can be a critical task. MPS ensures secure printing with access controls, reducing the risk of sensitive information leakage, and streamlining the process of producing these reports accurately and efficiently.

Trust ManagedPrint to Help Build Useable Workflows for Your Business

Managed Print Services offer more than just a way to manage printing tasks; they provide a comprehensive solution for enhancing business workflow efficiency. By embracing MPS, businesses can expect not only direct cost savings but also significant improvements in operational workflows, ultimately leading to a healthier bottom line.