Improved Security

  • Improved Security
  • Controlling Access
  • Pull Printing/Confidential Printing

Improved Security

As you begin to develop a fully integrated print strategy, there are a number of security issues that will arise. Multifunction devices and network printers are now just as important to protect on your network. Having ManagedPrint keep you in the know of common errors associated with printer security, gives your organization the confidence that your network printers are given the same care as all other devices that hang on your network.  Let ManagedPrint show you additional solutions that can be added on to improve your print security measures.

Controlling Access

Who gets to use the printer?  When and where?  Today, many businesses require people to sign-in or authenticate before they can print.  Most organizations aren't aware of the built-in options to assist with this common issue. ManagedPrint also has multiple third party partnerships to help facilitate these common issues for your company. We work with you and find the best solution to fit your budget, and find the best solution to help you access and control your print environment.

Data Collection

Pull Printing/Confidential Printing

Most businesses lock down computer access, but forget about uncollected print jobs.  Often, confidential documents are left sitting on the printer for multiple hours if not days at a time.  This can be eliminated completely by implementing Pull Printing. ManagedPrint can assist with installing third party software to facilitate this great cost cutting technique and improve document security.

Pin printing works very similar to pull printing, but doesn't require third party software, and is an embedded function found on most printers. Let ManagedPrint show you how this can be setup with no out of pocket cost to your organization. Just understanding your equipment and using it to the fullest capabilities is what we help you do. Simply put, the print job is sent directly to the print device with an PIN number designated to the document by the end user.  The user walks to the designated print device, enters the PIN number and the document is released to print.  This quick and easy solution is a simple way of eliminating the need for users requiring personal printers for confidential documents.