Improved Workflow

  • Improved Workflow
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Improved Workflow

Our consultants will help you understand your print environment so you can streamline processes and work most efficiently. We will take to the time to make sure you understand all features available to you on your equipment and make sure you’re utilizing the multifunction devices to the fullest capability. You have spent a great deal investing in your fleet. Most individual don’t realize the technology that comes packed inside even in the smallest of multifunction devices. We look at each one of your unique processes and try to help find the most efficient to print, scan, store documents, and send files to clients. Let us help you put your equipment to work for you.


Most MFP’s come with fully functional scanning capabilities.  Let ManagedPrint show you how to use the full scan functionality of your devices. Most users don’t realize how easy it is to utilize this easy function built into your MFP. Scan high resolution documents directly to folders, desktops, email, or shared drives, using multiple formats (PDF, TIFF, JPG etc.) color, or monochrome. More sophisticated scanning solutions such as digital sending software can be imbedded right into the device to help manage your documents and leverage your print environment.

The following send functions allow flexibility for the user to distribute scanned documents in a variety of ways to accommodate file access, viewing, sharing, storage, printing, retrieving, editing, graphic conversion and/or character conversion.  Whatever your business process, there’s a solution available to help automate it.

  • Send-to-Email
  • Send-to-Folder
  • Send-to-LAN Fax
  • Send-to-OCR
Data Collection