Job Accounting

  • Job Accounting
  • HP Web Jetadmin
  • MIPA and Megatrack by Capella Technologies

Job Accounting

Knowing exactly how much your business spends on printing is essential to maximizing the return on your printer investment, and for minimizing the total cost of printer ownership. Job accounting solutions are the easy way to monitor, allocate and optimize your printing costs. Track usage of printing, copying and digital sending functionalities by user, department, client and project allowing control and allocation or cross charging of printing. Monitor your printing infrastructure with real-time, statistical displays of printing resources, and schedule automatic e-mail reports for full, detailed accounts of printing usage. Provide access to printers and copiers through a variety of user authentication methods or with prepaid printing accounts.

HP Web Jetadmin

Simplify peripheral management and save time with automated reports. Knowing everything that's going on in your printing and imaging environment gives you the power to improve it-you can increase device uptime, reduce color abuse, re-allocate devices to better meet the needs of various departments, improve end-user productivity, and even reduce your total cost of ownership.

HP Web Jetadmin offers powerful insight into your print environment by providing a variety of reports, tracking everything from who uses color and how often they use it, to which machines are used most heavily, which tend to sit idle, and which have the highest uptime. It can e-mail reports listing the highest volume color users and predict when supplies will need to be replaced, allowing you can order supplies before running out.

Web Jetadmin Report Generation Plug-in specifications

  • Track device usage by user, application and device.
  • Follow error log histories and trends.
  • Track and report by single device or device group.
  • Discover and track all printing assets.
Data Collection

MIPA and Megatrack by Capella Technologies

A critical tool for any company looking to reduce consumable expenses and total cost of ownership while increasing accountability.

MegaTrack, a solution developed by HP partner Capella Technologies, helps companies take control of their printing resources and is a critical tool for any company looking to reduce consumable expenses and total cost of ownership while increasing accountability. It can help companies forecast device replacement needs and consumable purchases, and maximize their return on investment when planning future printer installations.

MegaTrack Print Server (MPS) software then monitors the print jobs and queries the attached printers to compile detailed information on printer usage. In combination with SecureJet, once fully integrated in the MFP firmware, SecureJet controls access to copy, scan, fax, e-mail, and user can authenticate themselves using PIN code, magnetic cards, proximity cards and other identification methods. In addition Securejet reports full information about each job. That information is pushed automatically to a PC where MegaTrack stores, computes and generates web reports for the IT manager (wishing to know how devices are used) and the procurement manager (wishing to know what department to bill for the usage).

All the information collected can be consolidated in a central database and the MegaTrack Web-Server (MWS) component then prepares comprehensive, customized reports to illustrate current print usage and costs. These reports can also be exported into MS Excel with only one click, or automatically sent by e-mail.

Another component of the MegaTrack product family is MegaTrack In Printer Agent (MIPA). This new solutions lets you record and monitor HP LaserJet printer and MFP activity directly at the device, enhancing accountability and giving you the ability to assign costs, forecast expenses and target waste and abuse. By collecting data directly inside the printer or MFP, MIPA gives you a precise accounting of printing functions.