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Managed Print in Houston

As one of the largest cities in the country with some of the biggest businesses headquartered here, Houston also has a lot of companies that need managed print services (MPS). Some of these organizations operate in healthcare, others in finance, others, of course, in oil. 

How We Can Help

Let's say you are an oil company with 100 laser printers in Houston and another 200 spread around the country at different offices and sites. A copier company might come in and say, "We need to replace all of these printers with copiers because they are too expensive."  

Before we suggest such a move, we would want to look a little more deeply. 

When we are looking at fleet upgrades, we take them seriously, because we know the time and energy it involves to upgrade a fleet. From teaching users the new product to coordinating with the IT team, there is a lot of human capital involved. 

Let's say the printers were costing 1.5 cents a page, and the copier would take this cost down to .007 per print. This sounds good, but there is more to the equation. First of all, how much are you printing? If you are printing 1,000 pages per month, do you even care about the $8 a month in extra costs when you consider the cost of getting a new copier and paying for installation and freight? 

This is an example of what sounds cheaper actually being more expensive when you factor in all the costs. We didn't even touch on the cost of the staff and trying to get everyone trained to use the new printer.

Before proposing solutions around print, we take a holistic view of what is going on. Often, through a better plan, we can accomplish the same or even better outcomes than doing a simple swap-out of devices. The easiest solution is not always the best solution.

Managing print in Houston, the Woodlands, or Sugarland has everything to do with working with you to help you understand the pros and cons of any decision centered around print strategy. Give us a call if you would like to see how we can help you manage your printers in Fort Worth.

Services Available in Houston, TX

Managed Print

Our managed print service is the complete opposite, with always-responsive service, data-driven printer fleet reporting, quality toner, available product inventory and better business productivity for you.

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Managed Cartridge

Who keeps up with toner management at all your locations? Supply fulfillment is ongoing but can easily be automated, and with Managed Cartridge, get added benefit of free service.

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Printer Repair

How does your business handle printer repair for multiple locations? What if you have multiple brands in your printer fleet? More complications. Learn about solutions.

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Power Management Services

The humble data closet contains some pretty essential functionality, like your network infrastructure and uninterruptible power systems (UPS) needed for quick backup power.

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