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How many printers does your organization have? If you said one or two, this article is most likely not for you. If you said any number greater than 10, we need to chat, especially if you do not already have a solid print management program in place. 

We have seen it all in doing print management for 10+ years. We have seen companies do a pretty good job controlling how print works, all the way to companies who let their staff buy whatever printers they wanted and put all the supplies on a credit card. These we have even seen with companies who had 50 or 100 printers (thinking they had maybe 20 printers). 

When you have a bunch of printers, but no one is really keeping it all organized and structured and well thought out, this is when there are issues. We find many companies do this because print is seen as such an inconsequential cost for the company.

The interesting thing is, for some companies, this is actually true. If you have attorneys making you $400 per hour, you will be less likely to worry about whether the attorney is costing one cent, two cents or even five cents a print. Their time is worth too much. Now, if that same attorney can't print at all, and therefore can't bill their time, print again has become extremely important.

We work to understand your Shreveport business. What this means is, we realize that, for one company, savings will be the ultimate goal. For another company it will be uptime, and for another it will be device security. 

Our job, as managed print professionals, is to ensure your goals are accomplished and we support what your company really needs from the printers.

If you would like to chat more about getting a print management plan for your Shreveport company, please give us a call today!

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Managed Print

Our managed print service is the complete opposite, with always-responsive service, data-driven printer fleet reporting, quality toner, available product inventory and better business productivity for you.

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Managed Cartridge

Who keeps up with toner management at all your locations? Supply fulfillment is ongoing but can easily be automated, and with Managed Cartridge, get added benefit of free service.

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Printer Repair

How does your business handle printer repair for multiple locations? What if you have multiple brands in your printer fleet? More complications. Learn about solutions.

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Power Management Services

The humble data closet contains some pretty essential functionality, like your network infrastructure and uninterruptible power systems (UPS) needed for quick backup power.

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