Protect Network Uptime with UPS Power Management Services

The humble data closet contains some pretty essential functionality, like your network infrastructure and uninterruptible power systems (UPS) needed for quick backup power.

Power failure Is one of the most unforgiving events that can happen to business networks. The main job of a UPS is short-term power when the input power source fails. Your UPS makes sure nothing goes wrong at that critical juncture before standby power kicks in, or equipment shuts down correctly.

Power Management: The Job No One Wants

These situations are not uncommon, but often go ignored, and UPS protection doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Power management is a responsibility nobody in most organizations seems to want to own. Too often power service gets ignored to the point of failure.

Unmanaged UPS units regularly fail from bad batteries and inadequate service issues, but most businesses have no way of catching a problem until too late. When the network goes down, recovery costs skyrocket, and business productivity tanks.

When Was Your UPC Equipment Installed?

Such a limited understanding of power source reliability puts a business at risk. Do you know how old the backup technology is in all your IDF closets? Anything beyond seven or eight years is too old for comfort.

We’ve come across shockingly outdated (and risky) gear, including large healthcare facilities that couldn’t afford the unplanned downtime they were facing.

Some businesses have data closets, telecom rooms, or intermediate distribution frame (IDF) network closets on every floor, along with a main distribution frame (MDF). It quickly becomes a complex power management environment. How many IDFs are in your business?

Is Your UPS Rightsized for the Attached Equipment?

Most data closets, IDFs, and telecom rooms grow organically with new technology and expanded services. Regular assessment of the power load is critical to maintaining optimal backup power for your network and productivity.

Signs Your Business Needs Power Management

  • No organizational knowledge of IDF power backup status and day-to-day performance
  • No defined response when the power goes down
  • Location or locations experience frequent power outages
  • Poor incoming power sources
  • Aged equipment

Problems like these have made more businesses aware of the value of power management as a service. For a minor, predictable monthly expense per IDF, the health of your UPS power management strategy is always protected, up-to-date, and ready for action. Managed UPS pays for itself with one serious outage.

Network Power Protection and UPS Management

Our Managed UPS is a long-term continual power solution that gets you through the critical minutes between outage and auxiliary power start-up. It addresses the serious need for power protection and UPS management.

We use trusted UPS equipment to ensure connections stay up long enough for generators to activate, even when the power goes out in the rest of the facility. Your network and critical business technology remain protected.

Scope of Our Power Management Services

  • Not only quality UPS equipment but installation
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • UPS monitoring (including environmental)
  • Critical alert response
  • Battery life status
  • Scheduled battery replacement
  • 7x24 coverage available

Vendor-agnostic, we frequently work with leading suppliers like:

  • Eaton and APC intelligent power management solutions
  • Highest level Eaton and APC certified partner since October 2020


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Affordable, Long-Term Solution for Power Management

We monitor your data closets and IDFs to take care of problems before they impact the business. You avoid network downtime and other serious problems.

Let’s do a preliminary assessment of your power environments. No cost, just a professional look, and you decide where to go from there, whether that’s Managed UPS or something else.