Print Management and Repair for Hospitality and Hotels

Even in a “people” business like hospitality, the daily workflow depends on documents of all kinds. Front desk, back office, operations, housekeeping -- printers are everywhere in the typical hotel.

Housekeeping worksheets, maintenance tickets, printed receipts, hotel stay records, vicinity maps, temporary signage -- A broken printer can turn any of these documents into a frustrating experience for both employees and customers.

That’s not acceptable in an industry where reputation is driven by experience.

So how do you hire the right employees to maintain your printer fleet, and then repeat that for every location? It’s next to impossible. Our hotel clients have found that Managed Print Services solves those problems.


The Benefits

Hospitality In Line Hospitality In Line

Why Managed Print Works for Hotels and Hospitality Businesses

With turnover a constant in the hospitality industry, it pays to minimize workplace frustration and retain good employees anyway you can. Business technology, even your printers and copiers, must be easy to learn and use, and practically invisible to maintain.

  • Consolidate and control printer costs across all locations.
  • Ensure documents are available for quality guest experience.
  • Minimize employee frustration by having reliable office technology.
  • Maintain productive business workflow without printer roadblocks.

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