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9 Reasons to Include Sustainability in Your Managed Print Program

December 14, 2022
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As the focus on environmental issues grows, many businesses want more ways to reduce their environmental impact. One place to start is with a managed print program.

Managed print helps businesses optimize their printer fleets, and programs often include recycling and waste reduction. 

Here are 9 ways a managed print program supports business sustainability.

1. Save money: Printers use a lot of energy and resources, especially unmanaged devices. Recycling and waste reduction save your business money, as do smart print policies.

2. Reduce business impact on the planet: Every little bit helps when it comes to saving our planet. Reducing your business’s environmental impact makes a difference.

3. Enhance your brand reputation: Customers, partners and employees are interested in doing business with companies that are environmentally responsible. Having a strong, quantifiable environmental focus can benefit your business reputation and attract new customers and employees.

4. Satisfy regulations: In some industries and locations, there are regulations around environmental issues such as recycling and waste management. By incorporating these into your managed print program, you can ensure compliance with the law in a proactive way.

5. Educate employees: Successful environmental initiatives are often employee-driven. By incorporating environmental issues into your managed print program, you can also educate employees about the importance of these issues and how the company makes a difference.

6. Increase efficiency: An efficient printer fleet is a green printer fleet. A managed print program can identify areas where your printers are wasting resources, like paper, ink and energy. By making changes to increase efficiency, you also reduce your environmental impact.

7. Attract eco-conscious customers: As more people become concerned about the environment, they look for businesses that share their values. If you focus on sustainability practices in your managed print program, you may attract eco-conscious customers interested in doing business with you because of your commitment to the environment.

8. Protect natural resources: Paper comes from trees, a renewable resource. However, new trees need time to grow back after others are cut down. By reducing paper waste, you conserve and protect forests and other natural resources.

9. Set an example for other businesses: Many businesses look to peers for guidance on implementing sustainable practices. As more companies adopt environmentally friendly initiatives, it becomes acceptable for others to do the same. By incorporating environmental concerns into your managed print program, you can set an example for other businesses to follow suit.

By putting more focus on the environment, businesses save money, reduce their impact on the planet, improve their reputations, and many other rewards. Let’s talk about how to make your business printing more sustainable