Print Management Software and Services

Print management software is at the heart of our services because of its versatility and scale. Our software portfolio includes proven solutions in these five categories.

Five Categories of Print Management Software 

Software for Printer Security: Document, Device, Data

Don’t overlook your printers in your security strategy. Printing devices are intelligent computers and vulnerable to the same internal and external threats. We manage printer security across three areas – Document, Device, and Data, and all are important.

Secure the Document

How many documents sitting out there on your printers and copiers contain sensitive information?  ManagedPrint has a number of software solutions to ensure users confidentially print without putting information at risk.

Secure the Data

Your printer is an endpoint on your network just like a PC. Be sure your print fleet is protected from security threats. Data encryption for all print communication is a necessity, but fortunately, print management software makes it doable.   

Secure the Device

Print management software is part of many device security practices that we recommend. 

  • Device startup check of firmware, BIOS for threats, anomalies
  • Whitelisting to validate firmware for the device
  • Intrusion detection for attacks, intrusions as the device operates
  • Hard-drive image overwrites to protect documents and data
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) in the event of a threat
  • Self-healing to automatically reboot after detecting an attack
  • Ongoing assessments, steps to maintain stable device security

Fax Over Internet (FoIP) Printer Software

Fax is not going away, but traditional faxing can be expensive, unreliable and a security risk. Consider using an existing investment – your network infrastructure – to manage your faxing. It’s called Fax Over IP (FoIP). It operates similarly to your email – it gets to the specific location with an audit trail at a minimum cost.

Software for Print Analytics Reporting

Smart business leaders know you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Reporting on print metrics is a valuable application of our print management software. The digital printers in your business hold a wealth of information just waiting to offer actionable insights that make print fleets more efficient. Popular reports include device utilization, end-user printing analysis, firmware status, and End-of-Service-Life devices.  

We also provide summaries and recommendations for optimization, and hold periodic reviews to report on:

  • Financial impact
  • Printing trends
  • Service performance

Serverless Printing and Print Management Software

A print server can be a network device, computer, or software application that manages print requests and provides printer queue information to network administrators and other users. Print servers are great at managing to print. Printing can be centrally managed and relatively easy to set up and run, but they are a single point of failure and can be expensive to set up and maintain.

What if you could take advantage of print servers while removing the limitations? Consider Direct IP printing. There is increased print efficiency, a lighter load on IT resources and there is not a single point of failure. At the same time, you have full management visibility into your printing environment.

Software for Print Fleet Mapping

It’s no secret that most print strategies include device consolidation. Many large organizations have growing printer fleets with printing volume static or declining. But how do you know which printers to consolidate? You don't want to have too many printers for your number of employees, nor do you want too few. Productivity drops when employees don’t have enough resources, and costs explode when you don’t apply resources wisely. 

Seeing is believing when your printing environment is mapped out versus looking at pages of printer data.   At ManagedPrint, we map out your current state and compare it to the recommended future state. Print mapping software puts all your devices to their best use. One of the biggest benefits is gaining a clear picture of the number of users per device in the office while identifying areas for improvement and growth. You control spending, streamline document workflow, and simplify print management.

How Can Print Management Software Benefit Your Business?

The goals of our print management software solutions are to enhance, manage, control and secure the printing experience. In other words, we cover everything.

To start your business down the path of smarter print management, let’s begin with a thorough, no-obligation print assessment. Just let us know when you’d like to schedule yours.