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Understanding Your Needs and Objectives in Managed Print Services: A Comprehensive Guide

September 14, 2023
Understanding Your Needs And Objectives In Managed Print Services A Comprehensive Guide Understanding Your Needs And Objectives In Managed Print Services A Comprehensive Guide

Managed Print Services (MPS) offer businesses an opportunity to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency within the print environment. However, to fully capitalize on these benefits, it's essential to start with a deep understanding of your specific needs and objectives. Here, we break down the process of assessing your current print environment and setting clear objectives, laying the foundation for a successful MPS partnership.

Assess Your Current Print Environment

Before diving into a partnership with a Managed Print provider, you must first understand your existing print infrastructure. Here's how:

1. Conduct an Audit

  • What to Assess: Evaluate your current print fleet, including printers, copiers, scanners, and related technologies. Identify the age, functionality, location, and utilization rates of each device.
  • Tools and Expertise: Consider utilizing specialized auditing tools or engaging experts who can perform a comprehensive assessment.
  • Highlight Pain Points: Document issues such as frequent breakdowns, outdated technologies, or inefficiencies in workflows.

2. Understand Costs and Usage

  • Track Costs: Break down costs related to supplies, maintenance, energy consumption, and more.
  • Analyze Usage Patterns: Understand who is using which devices, and for what purposes, to identify areas of overuse or underutilization.

3. Identify Areas for Improvement

  • Find Opportunities for Consolidation: Identify redundant devices or functions that can be merged to reduce complexity and costs.
  • Address Security Concerns: Assess the security features of your devices, including compliance with regulations and potential vulnerabilities.
  • Consider Environmental Impact: Evaluate energy consumption and waste generation, looking for ways to make your print environment more sustainable.

Set Clear Objectives

Understanding your current state is vital, but aligning on clear objectives is the key to shaping your future print environment. Here's how:

1. Define Primary Goals

  • Cost Savings: If reducing expenses is a primary concern, outline specific targets for savings.
  • Efficiency: Determine what efficiency looks like for your organization, whether it's faster print times, streamlined workflows, or improved user experience.
  • Security Enhancement: If bolstering security is crucial, define the standards and compliance that must be met.
  • Environmental Sustainability: If sustainability is a priority, set clear objectives for reducing energy consumption and waste.

2. Align Objectives with Business Strategy

  • Understand the Bigger Picture: Ensure that your MPS objectives align with your overall business strategy and goals.
  • Engage Stakeholders: Include input from key stakeholders across departments to ensure that objectives are comprehensive and aligned with organizational needs.

3. Communicate Objectives Clearly with Your MPS Provider

  • Collaborate and Customize: Work closely with your provider to tailor solutions that meet your unique objectives.
  • Build a Roadmap: Develop a phased plan with your provider that outlines how you will achieve your objectives over time.

Contact ManagedPrint to get started with your partnership

Understanding your current print environment and setting clear objectives is the starting point for a successful Managed Print Services partnership. Through careful auditing, analysis, and goal-setting, you lay the groundwork for a print strategy that's aligned with your business's unique needs and ambitions.

At ManagedPrint, we specialize in working closely with our clients to understand their specific situations and craft solutions tailored to meet their goals. Whether you're looking to cut costs, enhance efficiency, boost security, or promote sustainability, our team of experts is here to help you navigate the process and achieve success. Reach out to us today to learn how we can support your journey toward a more effective and efficient print environment.