How Do You Implement Managed Print Services for a Large Organization?

Managed Print for Enterprise Customers

Before we even begin, we need to discuss what implementing managed print services means. Basically, it boils down to tracking device usage, including project types and traffic, auditing the overall fleet to make sure that nothing is being wasted and that the locations are optimal, and making sure that each device is being used for its specific projects. It also allows for tracking of toner and ink orders as well as setting parameters for print jobs.

We are experts in print management, especially for HP printers and multifunction printers for large enterprises and decentralized companies with locations all over the country. We work with large groups like hospitals and major corporations, too. Our best-fit clients are those with more than 10 printers or multifunction printers in their fleet.

In this article, we will go over how a solid managed print services (MPS) contract can help you control your printing cost and print environment, and have a better customer service solution for your company.

Large companies that have an existing fleet need to ask themselves a few questions that will give insight to whether they need us to perform an MPS program audit. 

Before implementing managed print, ask these questions to see if it is appropriate:

  • Is printing a significant cost?
  • Is the cost increasing?  
  • How much are we spending?”  

These questions let you know whether you have a significant cost that is increasing, yet you don’t know how much it is costing you. We can help solve that for you, not just in understanding where the money is going, but in the implementation of plans to reduce those costs.

We start off your print management onboarding with the full audit, analyzing everything in relation to any growth or downsizing that has occurred, so we get accurate numbers. After that, we look at the fleet, any printers that are down, inventories, and the locations of the printing devices to see if they make sense for the volumes and types of jobs they are being used for. 

Once we have that information, we check out which devices are doing the most printing and which are doing very little. This helps us decide a game plan for devices and their locations, as well as what jobs they should be primarily used for. It also allows for downsizing of the fleet without losing productivity. 

It is an important fact that large fleets often have printers being underutilized and color MFPs being overutilized by staff, due to location and convenience. Do you really want the staff using your color MFP for black-and-white prints all day long? Managing what jobs can be done on specific devices and by whom can drive down costs. 

How do I know you can save us money?

Not many businesses are going to just randomly jump on board without proof of how we can save them money. That is why we do the assessment. For a really large place, even an assessment of a portion can prove a model. We simply pull the data, and the data tells the story of what is going on with your organization.

Buyer beware! There are unscrupulous companies that do not take in all of the factors of your costs, trying to make themselves look like they are solving issues they are not. We provide a fully transparent report and seek to inform along the way. You will know exactly how we intend to optimize your printer fleet.

Once we agree to partner together, we base things off of a cost-per-print. Cost-per-print is the mechanism to measure the fleet by using the print volume and the total spent to come up with a baseline. Every time someone prints from a printer there is a cost. This is your only cost when partnering with us. Technical support, toner orders, etc. are included. The only deviation from this is parts.

What is the fleet size that you look for before having the discussion?

We manage all print fleet sizes, but 50 is a good starting point, depending on the volume of prints. Our smallest client has 10 devices, and our largest is 5,000. The more you have, the more our print management services make sense. If you are a much smaller business with just a few devices, our services would make no sense to you.

To get an evaluation of your fleet, contact us today. We would love to help your company as your MPS provider with the perfect MPS solution for your company. Our objective is to improve employee efficiency, while driving down print costs for your organization.