The ManagedPrint Solution

  • The ManagedPrint Solution
  • Data Collection
  • On Site Support
  • Supply Fulfillment
  • Single Invoice
  • Management Reporting

The ManagedPrint Solution

Our ManagedPrint Solution is the fully integrated management of an organization's entire print fleet and all the associated costs of printing in your office. Most companies experience significant savings, as much as 30 percent of their overall print-related costs, by initiating our ManagedPrint Solution. Our ManagedPrint Solution is typically based on a cost per print (CPP) model. The cost to print a page is inclusive of supplies, service labor, repair parts, 100% printer warranty and most importantly management reporting.

Data Collection

ManagedPrint utilizes software to help collect data on a monthly basis. The software gathers information throughout the month from local and networked devices. This information is imported directly into ManagePrints’ back in software. This helps provide our customers with detailed reports in critical information when clients are in need of making informed decisions. This software is non invasive and is used by thousands of companies such as hospitals, banks, that require the highest levels of network security. ManagedPrint can setup up custom monthly reports to help with service levels, auto toner replenishing, and notification when devices need immediate attention.

Data Collection

On Site Support

Our technicians provide on site service. All of our technicians are equipped with fully stocked service vehicles, smart phones to assist access to our backend service module allowing them to see all data related to the printer. The result is real time information allowing for faster completion of your service issue.

Supply Fulfillment

Supplies are either drop-shipped or delivered directly to the end user. The remote monitoring software can proactively alert users when toner is running low. Supply orders can be placed on line, emailed or called in.


Device Management

Device positioning, relocating and replacement recommendations are made in order to optimize your print environment. Printer fleet assessment is continuous. When a printer approach end of life, experience an above average number of service incidents or become more expensive to service than to replace, proactive actions are taken to contain costs and maximize user uptime.

Single Invoice

A monthly invoice will detail both costs and printer usage by user and/or cost center. This creates an easier process for account payable, eliminating multiple invoices for toner orders and service calls incurred throughout the month into one simple monthly bill. It’s simple and easy to compare against budget.


Management Reporting

Since printer related information is being collected ongoing, we can quickly generate a variety of reports to help manage the fleet. Perhaps you want to know about color printing trends or what users or departments are printing. This is all done easily. We also periodically have reviews where all the information is analyzed and compiled into an Executive Summary. We are sure to review three areas – Financial, Printing Trends and Service Performance. We also provide recommendations for further improvements. This fulfills our process of continuing to improve the management of your fleet.