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What about security and Managed Print Services?

July 4, 2022
Security Managed Print Services Security Managed Print Services

What do you mean by secure printing?

There are different types of security, the primary being the security of the document and the security of the device. 

Security of the document is when people print directly to a copier/printer and they can’t just leave it at the printer unattended. Basically, the document needs to be gathered up before any information on it falls into the wrong hands. Xerox uses a PIN and a feature they call Secure Print.

There are various types of software that we use to implement print security for documents.  These include badge swipe, or follow me printing, which authenticates the individual’s access to certain print jobs. This keeps the documents  protected until they are picked up by the authorized person.

The security of the device itself is related to the manufacturer. For instance, HP has a security manager, called HP Managed Print Services, where they apply roles to how that printer is going to be used. These include protection around what can be printed from the device, the USB, and who can do the printing..

But what about the useful life cycle of security in a device?

The MFP today is similar in security to what it did five years ago. Each manufacturer has software that can protect their devices, and they protect them for longer than five years. Depending on the category, it’s actually  8, 10, or even 12 years, assuming you actually update your firmware. A solid managed IT services company will ensure that is being handled for you.

Having said that, we do a lot of rentals. Because some clients just don’t want to mess with printers and update their printer fleet. But, if someone is very keen on driving down costs, we would recommend buying it, because of the modern security features and its longevity. This would be true for printers or multifunction printers or copiers.

It’s very simple. If you buy a device and the security is good for more than five years, then you end up saving money. Why sell a device to someone who will just have to pay more even though the printer security is perfectly functional? 

However, if you have a device or printer fleet near the end of its life, the firmware is no longer being updated, and the firmware is what protects that device. 

Make sure you have the most recent updates.  We help companies detect which devices are at the end of their service life and to find the upgrade that best suits them. 

We understand the need for up-to-date security and the challenges it brings in our digital age. 

If you are searching for a managed print service provider who is happy to support your current printer fleet, we would love to be a resource for you. We have the right software tools to help your company print securely and make confidential documents stay confidential. We help hospitals, enterprise clients, and school systems with a print management solution.

Give us a call and one of our sales or customer service team members will help you understand how print security should work with your cybersecurity strategy.

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