Print Management and Repair for Healthcare Organizations

Too often, administrative work like dealing with printers and copiers contributes to burnout and time away from meaningful work for healthcare teams. With a smart plan in place to take care of your organization’s printers, copiers and scanners, that ongoing burden can be eliminated.

With our Managed Print Services overseeing all your devices, your organization can count on having the right equipment in place at all times. You no longer have to worry about hiring new staff or overloading IT to handle printer service.


The Benefits

Healtcare In Line Healtcare In Line

Why Managed Print Works for Healthcare

Our customers in healthcare routinely experience benefits like these:

  • Your team can focus on serving patients, maintaining compliance and running office operations.
  • Simplify budgeting and operations by having a single partner for all locations.
  • Lighten administrative workload by ordering toner through a convenient, online portal.
  • Simplify accounts-payable workflow by consolidating to one contract for all locations.
  • More dependable document workflow supports better patient and employee experience.
  • Reduce and control equipment, toner and supplies costs.

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