Print Management and Repair for K-12 Private and Public Schools

As school districts and education leaders look for ways to do more with less, one opportunity that gets overlooked is their printing environment. Business printers and copiers aren’t old school tools anymore. These smart, networked digital devices deliver tangible benefits to education systems.

School office printers handle lots of document traffic, and educators spend a significant portion of their annual budgets on document printing and copying supplies, repair service and equipment purchases. As school districts look for smarter ways to operate, technology like smart digital printers can contribute.

With our Managed Print Services in place, teachers and administrators gain more time to focus on education itself. They don’t struggle to work around poor office equipment.


The Benefits

K-12 Private and Public In Line K-12 Private and Public In Line

Benefits of Managed Print for K-12 Private and Public Education

Our customers in public and private education see improvements like these when we manage their print environments.

  • Easy, dependable printing for students and staff.
  • Cost-effectively, reliably print documents and materials.
  • Consolidate and reduce printing and imaging costs.
  • Quantify and control expenditures, and budget with clarity.

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