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An Inside Look at ManagedPrint's Client Onboarding Process

August 31, 2023
An Inside Look At Managedprint's Client Onboarding Process An Inside Look At Managedprint's Client Onboarding Process

When you sign a contract with ManagedPrint, you're joining a partnership that puts your needs first, knows your problems, and gives you customized solutions for your print fleet. Our client onboarding process is meant to set a solid foundation for this relationship and make sure you get the most out of our managed print services. Let's look at this process from the inside.

Initial audit:

The first step in our trip together is an audit. This step helps us learn about your current print environment, including the size of your print fleet, how it is used, how much it costs, and more. This thorough review is the foundation of our managed print strategy for your business. It lays the groundwork for the savings and efficiencies we hope to bring.

Customized plan for managing print

We create a plan for your business's print management based on what we learned from the first audit. This plan gives you ways to get the most out of your printer fleet, take care of materials, keep your devices safe, and cut costs. Every part of the plan is made to suit your specific wants and goals.

Seamless integration

After the plan is approved, we move forward with putting our services into your current systems without any problems. We work closely with your team to make sure of a smooth transition, whether we're setting up our Managed Cartridge service or setting up specific cost-per-print reporting. Our goal is to combine our services in a way that saves you time and money without getting in the way of your daily work.

Reviewing and helping on a regular basis

After the integration, our relationship doesn't come to an end; it really starts. ManagedPrint is dedicated to giving ongoing help and keeping communication lines open. We do quarterly business reviews (QBRs) where we talk about how your print environment is doing and how well our plans are working. These reviews give us a chance to make sure our services are still meeting your needs as they change.

Always improving

We believe strongly in the power of always getting better. Our services are always getting better based on the comments we get and the information we gather. Through this iterative process, we can keep our services in line with what your business needs, making them more efficient and saving you more money.

ManagedPrint's client training process is a carefully planned journey that helps us learn about your business, give you custom solutions, and keep working together. It's a process that helps us serve you better and makes sure you have a good, productive, and profitable time with ManagedPrint. 

Talk to one of our experts right now to find out more about how ManagedPrint can make it easier for you to handle your print fleet.