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Printer Fleet Management for Enterprises

Print fleet management means different things to different people. When some organizations say their fleets of multi-function printers and copiers are “managed,” that’s often not the case when you look deeper.

For example, the office manager may be responsible for copiers, while the IT manager is responsible for printers. Yes, those devices have “owners” but purchases of equipment, consumables, and service requests are uncoordinated and made without considering overall company needs.

The print investment isn’t managed as a fleet; it’s managed piecemeal, department by department. Purchase decisions made in "silos" result in duplication within the printer fleet. Often there’s more printing equipment than may really be needed to support your user community.

Cost savings and productivity improvements accumulate, as the value of printer fleet management grows exponentially with our unified, strategic approach. Instead of scattered printers and disjointed supplies purchases, you operate from a data-driven, holistic view of the print environment, with fast response from one experienced managed print service team.

Printer Fleet Management Services

We offer two flexible approaches to print fleet management: Managed Print and Managed Cartridge. “One size fits all” doesn’t describe our printer fleet management solutions. We bring a broad technology portfolio and print policies that allow us to tailor the best print fleet solution for all locations of your business.

Our expertise in both printer fleet management software and the intelligent hardware side results in integrated strategies and practical guidance. Business printer fleets often include many makes and models, and we bring strong relationships with the leading manufacturers. That translates into better product and consumables availability, plus certified technical training for our print service staff.