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Evaluating Your Current Managed Print Offering to See if it Meets Today's Needs

May 25, 2023
Evaluating Your Current Managed Print Offering To See If It Meets Today's Needs Evaluating Your Current Managed Print Offering To See If It Meets Today's Needs

If you have had an RFP you awarded in the past, or are currently considering putting out an RFP, there are some key factors you should consider. As a business grows or changes, often unnoticed elements within Managed Print Services (MPS) come to the forefront. When evaluating what you are getting from your MPS provider, ask them the question: Is your current MPS strategy truly RFP worthy?

When preparing a Request for Proposal (RFP), it's critical to appraise your current MPS setup. The goal is to determine if your provider is delivering to your expectations and whether they can adapt to your changing needs. This introspection is vital to ensure you're engaging the best MPS supplier that offers the value you need. After you sign with a company, it is critical to assess their performance in helping you reach your Managed Print objectives.

To assist you in this evaluation, we've identified four key elements to focus on:

Remote Work Accommodation: The new normal has ushered in remote work, presenting unique operational challenges. Teams now operate beyond traditional office environments, scattered across diverse locations. This new way of doing business necessitates an MPS strategy that efficiently manages devices regardless of location. 

ManagedPrint provides an all-encompassing solution that streamlines print management, making every device manageable under one plan - one bill, one contract. When framing your RFP, consider whether your current provider offers this level of service and if not, it might be time for a change.

Cloud Readiness: A business can't thrive without embracing digital technologies, and your MPS provider should be no different. ManagedPrint's services don't just accommodate the growing shift to the Cloud, but actively contribute to your workflow processes. Our cloud-oriented approach ensures your print services connect seamlessly with your chosen cloud platforms. This feature is a vital checkpoint for your RFP - it's not just about managing the present but being ready for the future.

24/7 Support: With the erosion of the traditional 9-to-5 work schedules, your business needs support that's available round-the-clock. ManagedPrint's 24/7 helpdesk offers precisely this - constant support to ensure your print services always function optimally. A crucial question to ask in your RFP is whether your current provider can match this level of commitment.

Multi-Brand Support: The diversity in brands and models of printers and copiers you use shouldn't be a constraint. ManagedPrint's comprehensive multi-brand support handles all major brands, ensuring your fleet, irrespective of its makeup, operates smoothly. If your current provider falls short on this aspect, your RFP should seek one that doesn't. We commonly help clients who have HP, Lexmark, Brother, Canon, and Konica Minolta printers, or copiers.

By evaluating these four areas, you're not just assessing your MPS strategy but ensuring it's RFP-ready, providing a strong basis for identifying the best supplier for your needs. It's crucial to remember that while these pillars form a sound MPS strategy, no two businesses are alike, and a successful MPS strategy should reflect this uniqueness.

In the second part of this series, we'll delve deeper into how to make your MPS strategy RFP-ready. We'll discuss the importance of security, sustainability, contractual clarity, and maintenance - elements that should play a central role in your RFP process. We aim to provide you with a comprehensive guide that ensures your MPS strategy not just meets the needs of today, but also is prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. Stay tuned for more insights into the world of MPS.