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Print Policies: A Vital Framework for Efficient and Secure Businesses

August 22, 2023
Print Policies A Vital Framework For Efficient And Secure Businesses Print Policies A Vital Framework For Efficient And Secure Businesses

Document printing may seem like a simple, everyday job, but without a well-defined print policy, it can lead to extra costs, inefficient operations, and possible security risks. Here are some reasons why every business, no matter how big or small, needs a good print policy.

  • Control costs: Cost control is one of the most obvious benefits of putting in place a print policy. If printing isn't watched, it's easy to spend too much money without realizing it. Gartner did a study and found that printing costs companies between 1% and 3% of their annual income. Having a print policy can make sure that all choices about printing, from buying equipment and supplies to servicing and maintenance, are made in a way that saves money.
  • Improve the environment: Businesses, like everyone else, have a part to play in protecting our world. A print policy is a great way to help your company be more environmentally friendly. By setting rules about how much paper to use, printing on both sides by default, and supporting digital sharing when possible, businesses can make a big difference to the environment.
  • Enhance security: If they are not handled well, printers, especially networked ones, can be a security risk. Sensitive information can be left on printer trays, and cyberattacks can be aimed at print networks that are not safe. A print policy can include procedures for secure printing, data handling, and network security, making sure that both your physical and digital print environments are safe.
  • Improve efficiency: Running a great business comes down to how well it works. A print policy helps operations run more smoothly, prevent waste, and make the best use of resources. This can include putting the right printers on the right jobs, making sure the printers get the right maintenance, and teaching workers how to print efficiently.
  • Improve transparency: A good print strategy is clear and easy to understand. It lets employees know what is expected of them when it comes to using printers and helps managers keep track of and keep an eye on how people print across the company. This openness can help people make better decisions and use their resources more wisely.
  • Initiate accountability: Last but not least, a print policy helps staff feel responsible for what they do. When everyone knows the rules and knows why they are in place, they are more likely to follow them. This shared duty can help cut down on wasteful printing and make the printing environment more cost-effective, safe, and efficient.

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In the end, a print strategy is a lot more than just a list of rules for how to use printers. It's a strategic tool that can help save money, run operations more efficiently, keep data secure, and protect the environment. Creating and implementing a print strategy might take some time and money at first, but it will be well worth it in the long run.

At ManagedPrint, we help businesses come up with and put into place effective print practices that meet their needs. We know that every company is different, and we're here to give you the knowledge and help you need to make your print setting as safe and efficient as possible. We're here to help you take charge of your printing if you're ready to do so. Contact us today to find out more.