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Fortifying Your Managed Print Strategy: Security, Sustainability, and Clarity for an Effective RFP

May 30, 2023
Fortifying Your Managed Print Strategy Security, Sustainability, And Clarity For An Effective RFP Fortifying Your Managed Print Strategy Security, Sustainability, And Clarity For An Effective RFP

As we delve into the second part of our series on preparing your Managed Print Services (MPS) strategy for a Request for Proposal (RFP), we turn our focus to some non-negotiable elements that your MPS provider must deliver. These elements not only strengthen the core of your MPS strategy but also play a crucial role in securing a robust, long-term relationship with your provider.

The process of drafting an RFP is not just about assessing the current status of your MPS strategy. It's about gauging whether your current provider is capable of staying ahead of the curve, able to meet the evolving needs of your organization, and committed to your company's values and vision. 

As you review your MPS strategy and prepare your RFP, consider the following essential factors:

Security: There are currently cyber threats lurking around every corner, the security of your IT infrastructure, including your MPS, is paramount. As users interact with your print services, there must be robust security measures in place to protect your network. ManagedPrint ensures that your printers adhere to stringent cybersecurity policies, including port management and user authentication. When evaluating your MPS strategy through an RFP lens, insist on a provider that prioritizes security and has a solid track record of keeping your network safe.

Sustainability: As businesses across the globe strive towards carbon neutrality, your MPS provider should share your commitment to sustainability. Your RFP should question whether your current provider supports print rules, recycling, and other eco-friendly practices. At ManagedPrint, we understand the importance of sustainability and have embedded eco-conscious practices in our services, from energy-efficient hardware to a robust recycling program.

Transparency and Contractual Clarity: A well-defined contract forms the bedrock of a successful MPS partnership. Your RFP should thoroughly investigate whether your provider clearly outlines the expected outcomes and the remedies in place if those are not met. ManagedPrint believes in transparency and works collaboratively with clients to establish clear contracts, ensuring alignment with your desired outcomes.

Regular Maintenance and Updates: An efficient MPS strategy requires regular maintenance and updates. Your RFP should question how well-equipped your provider is to handle routine maintenance, software updates (firmware), and general troubleshooting. At ManagedPrint, we have a dedicated team of technicians who ensure your devices run optimally all year round.

Contact ManagedPrint if You are Putting Out an RFP

Crafting an RFP for your MPS strategy may seem like a daunting task, but with a meticulous approach and clear goals, it can lead to a beneficial partnership. As you prepare your RFP, it's crucial to align it with your business needs, focusing on providers that can offer a holistic, future-proof solution.

As the finish line of this two-part series, we hope these insights arm you with the necessary tools to evaluate your current MPS strategy effectively. The focus remains on how you can craft an RFP that secures you an MPS partner that's not just a vendor but an extension of your team.

At ManagedPrint, we are committed to helping businesses navigate their RFP process. We'd be thrilled to help you explore our Managed Print offerings and demonstrate how our services can benefit your company. Contact us to begin your journey toward a well-managed, efficient, and secure print environment.