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Why You Should Outsource Printer Repair for Multi-Location Companies

May 11, 2023
Why You Should Outsource Printer Repair For Multi Location Companies Why You Should Outsource Printer Repair For Multi Location Companies

If you have a company with multiple locations, and at each location you have printers and copiers, you have a choice. You can manage the devices with your resources (your admin or IT department), or you can outsource the management of your printers and copiers to a print management company like ManagedPrint.

We have helped companies with multi-site installations for over a decade. Some of the companies we work with have hundreds of printers in the field. We find the main pain point we have resolved is having a unified platform and a plan to ensure every device gets the needed support and that IT isn't dealing with 50% of their tickets being print related (as Gartner states).

What Can We Do?

When we perform our print assessment, we find there are always areas of opportunity to ensure either better cost, better efficiency or better transparency for the leadership. 

Better Cost

The most common areas we see printing costs improve are through the “right sizing” of the print device and standardizing of high yield toner cartridges. We find many clients will buy standard yield and high yield toner and these have a much different cost per print. When you take these differences and multiply them over many pages, it can end up being thousands or tens of thousands of dollars with this one change.

Better Efficiency

Next, we look at the placement of the printers and make sure those who need to print have easy access and those who shouldn't be printing, that their printers are a bit further away. This helps maintain lower costs by not having wasted prints and improves efficiency for those who need print the most. We also look at implementing “Follow Me” printing where it makes sense to further improve the workflow in a company.

Better Transparency

Next, you will want to see at a device and at a global level what print costs. If you are just paying for print, but can't identify the cost down to a specific printer, there is room for improvement with the transparency of your print environment.

We take these factors, and then marry this with our vetted national printer repair team to ensure not only do you have the right printers, in the right places, at the right cost…. But these printers are also taken care of by a friendly staff trained to get your broken printers back up as quickly as possible. 

As an additional benefit, you only have to have one print service company relationship. If you have 30 locations, and each one is being managed by a local company for printer maintenance, this could take up all your IT team's time just managing vendor relationships. We become your one-stop shop where you know who is responsible for ensuring your printers are working and your staff is efficient.

Call us if you would like to consider a multi-site printer repair and maintenance arrangement. We have customers in all 50 states and have a large network of technicians who will keep your print fleet running well.