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About ManagedPrint

LaserJet printers and multifunction devices are an integral part of your business. You don't really think of them - until one breaks or your CFO asks for ideas on reducing costs. That's where ManagedPrint can help. Of course, we provide supplies and service for these devices. But we also take a comprehensive approach to your existing fleet with no capital outlay on your part. That results in cost savings from month one and allows your IT staff to focus on more mission critical areas of your company. That's us - ManagedPrint.

The Power of Knowing

Does your company know what it costs to print a page? Which printers are over or under-utilized? Even, how many printers there actually are in your organization? Few companies can answer these questions. And the bigger the company, the bigger the problem. But what if you could know?

At ManagedPrint, we answer these questions for you - every month. The result - better utilization of existing assets, increased service levels and most importantly, up to date information to make sound business decisions that can positively impact your company's bottom line. It pays to know.


Some History

ManagedPrint was originally named LaserPrint Services and was founded in 1990 by Bill Reynolds. Bill had just graduated from the prestigious International Business Program at the University of South Carolina and wanted to help other businesses save money by building low cost but high quality printer supplies. The company grew and expanded to four direct offices with service and sales across the Carolinas.

In 2003, LaserPrint/ManagedPrint was formed as a subsidiary to address the business issue of unmanaged printer fleets as more and more companies see the need to manage their existing fleets with greater efficiency and to focus on their core business. LPMP quickly outgrew its parent as clients realized the benefits of a managed print environment.

In 2011, we changed our official name to ManagedPrint to reflect our core competency in printer fleet management.  Our clients include hospitals, colleges, financial institutions, state government agencies and law firms. We differentiate our selves through our experience in fleet management based on HP technologies.


As an OPS Elite HP Partner, ManagedPrint is involved in a number of programs which provide our clients with HP's industry leading expertise. Together ManagedPrint and HP offer our clients the ability to leverage management tools to balance and optimize and office printer fleets. ManagedPrint has earned HP's coveted designation as an Elite Office Printing Solutions Partner. With this designation comes access to HP's print experts and strategy consultants lending expertise to our Managed Document Services offering.



We are actively involved in both the Managed Print Services Community IT Services Community. To remain on the leading edge of this constantly evolving field, ManagedPrint holds full membership in the following associations. Click on the logo to be redirected to these associations.