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State Contract #4400029956

South Carolina Capital ManagedprintSouth Carolina Capital Managedprint

What is the South Carolina Managed Print Contract?

In its first state contract for managed print services, South Carolina awarded Columbia-based ManagedPrint contracts in three categories: HP printers, HP wide-format printers and HP scanners. The state contract allows governmental units to purchase printer and scanner products along with related services at fixed rates.

ManagedPrint specializes on managing printer fleets based on HP technologies for medium to enterprise organizations. Clients include many government, education, and healthcare organizations.

What ManagedPrint offers state contract users:

  • 15 years of experience working with State organizations using HP technologies
  • An audit of your current print infrastructure at no charge
  • Over 15 certified HP technicians throughout South Carolina
  • An assessment of your current print infrastructure at no charge to include faxing and security policies

The Benefits

Managed Print Services Managedprint Managed Print Services Managedprint

Benefits of Managed Print for State Contract Users

What ManagedPrint offers state contract users:

  • Industry and market expertise for strategies and execution that save money

  • Get financial comparisons of needed equipment

  • Fixed, reduced costs for managed print equipment

  • Significantly lower hardware-, service- and supply-related expenses for each device

  • Simplify operations by standardizing equipment configurations, pricing

  • Improve user experience while providing current technology at lower cost

  • Right-size equipment, consumables

  • Negotiated pricing for HP products and Managed Print Services

  • Flexible lease and purchase programs

Other Benefits of ManagedPrint

  • Guaranteed service level response times

  • Trained, statewide technicians for service needs

  • Affordable pricing and leasing

  • Secure printing to protect documents

  • Includes both networked and locally connected devices

  • Longtime HP partner with highest HP certifications

  • MPS advisor with government experience 

  • Team longevity - Same people working with state for 15+ years

Common FAQs about Managed Print Services for Government

Who can buy off the ManagedPrint statewide contract?

Generally, any government entities that use public funds for procurement can purchase our HP products through the statewide contract awarded by South Carolina Procurement Services. 

  • Departments/agencies

  • State commissions

  • State councils

  • State boards

  • State bureaus

  • State committees 

  • Colleges 

  • Universities

  • Technical schools 

  • Counties

  • Municipalities

  • School districts

Managed Print State Contract ManagedprintManaged Print State Contract Managedprint

What does the state contract for managed print services cover?

Required MPS components

Implementation - one-time charge priced per unit

  • Strategic planning
  • HW and SW install, setup

Remote device monitoring - billed monthly, priced per unit

  • Job accounting
  • Automated meter reads
  • Automated toner refills

End user support - billed monthly, priced per hour

  • Device training
  • Helpdesk support

MPS w/OEM supplies - billed monthly by cost per click

  • Only parts, labor, HP OEM supplies
  • No equipment costs

HP Devices

What HP devices are available to my organization?

These are the main device categories we offer through the state contract. Within these groups, models also differ by print speeds.

  • - Single function mono printers

  • - Single function color printers

  • - Multifunction mono printers, scanners

  • - Multifunction color printers, scanners

  • - Wide-format printers

What document solutions are available to help with cost control and recovery?

We use several, depending on what you need:

  • - PaperCut tool for print recovery

  • - NSight app for assessment

What’s my next step to buy off the state managed print contract?

We can start your managed print program right away. It’s easy and streamlined, with a no-obligation assessment as the first step. Just share some brief information, and the ManagedPrint team will follow up. 

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