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8 Financial Impacts of Unmanaged Print Fleets

July 11, 2023
8 Financial Impacts Of Unmanaged Print Fleets 8 Financial Impacts Of Unmanaged Print Fleets

Unmanaged print fleets can seem like a cost of doing business that you can't escape. But without the right controls and information, these fleets can be a big and often secret source of waste. Let's look at what happens to money when print fleets are not controlled. Here are 8 items that have impacts on your business if you have an unmanaged print fleet.

  1. Overspending on Supplies: If you can't see and control your printing surroundings, it's easy to spend too much on things like paper and toner. When you're in charge of a lot of different items in different places, you might end up with too much inventory and rising costs.
  2. Costs of energy are high: Printers can use a lot of energy, especially older devices. Your energy costs can go up if you don't keep track of your printers and they all run inefficiently.
  3. Maintenance and repair costs are too high: Regular repair can make your printers last longer, but if you don't have a good plan and keep an eye on them, small problems can turn into big ones. This can cause expensive repairs or even the need to buy a new gadget too soon.
  4. Lost time for staff: Staff time is another hidden cost of a print fleet that is not being handled. Employees often spend a lot of time on tasks that have to do with printing, like fixing printer problems or buying supplies. This time could be better spent doing things that help your business reach its goals.
  5. Poor utilization: Without proper monitoring and analysis, it's hard to know which gadgets aren't being used enough or are being used too much. This lack of knowledge can make it hard to decide how to use resources, which can lead to spending money on gadgets that aren't being used to their full potential.
  6. Threats to network security: Unsecured printers can pose major security risks, like the possibility of stealing data. Security incidents like these can have big financial effects, like fines from the government or loss of business because of a bad image.
  7. It's hard to budget: If you don't manage your print fleet, printing prices can be hard to predict, which makes it hard to make a budget. This instability can make it hard to plan for your business's finances and keep it stable.
  8. Effects Goals for Sustainability: Overprinting wastes paper, and older, less efficient devices can make your carbon footprint bigger. Businesses that put a high priority on sustainability might have to pay more to make up for the damage they do to the earth.

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