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ManagedPrint: Enhancing Network & Print Security

January 18, 2024
Enhancing Network Security With Managed Print Services (1) Enhancing Network Security With Managed Print Services (1)

The role of Managed Print Services (MPS) in bolstering network security is often underestimated. With the proliferation of network-connected devices, printers have become potential entry points for security breaches. This blog explores how MPS by ManagedPrint fortifies network security, supported by independent research.

The Necessity of Print Security: The importance of securing print environments is highlighted by alarming statistics. A staggering 68% of organizations have experienced data losses due to insecure printing practices in the past year, with the average cost of a print-related data loss exceeding $700,000 for US organizations (OfficeDasher). 

Additionally, Quorica's 2022 Global Print Security Landscape Report revealed that small to midsize businesses are not immune, with each breach costing an average of $780,857, largely due to customer loss according to some experts.

Key Areas of MPS in Enhancing Network Security:

  1. Driver Management: MPS ensures that printer drivers are regularly updated, mitigating the risk of vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit.
  2. Firmware Updates: Regular firmware updates are crucial for security. MPS automates this process, ensuring printers are not left with outdated, vulnerable software.
  3. Securing Port Access: MPS can control and monitor printer network ports, preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding sensitive data.
  4. Expert Installation by Skilled Technicians: Proper installation and configuration by experts are vital for security. MPS provides skilled technicians who understand the intricacies of network security.

MPS in Mixed-Fleet Environments: In environments with multiple printer brands, MPS becomes even more critical. Mixed-fleet environments pose a greater security risk, with 73% of such companies reporting data breaches (OfficeDasher). MPS standardizes security protocols across different devices, providing a unified defense strategy.

The Impact of MPS in Remote and Hybrid Work Models: Remote and hybrid work models have expanded the attack surface for businesses. MPS solutions address these challenges by offering secure print management services that can be managed across various locations, ensuring consistent security standards (PAE Business).

The Role of MPS in Data Loss Mitigation: Despite the growing adoption of MPS, data losses continue to be a significant concern. However, organizations with a standardized fleet of connected printers and multifunctional printers (MFPs) experienced fewer data losses than those with mixed fleets. MPS plays a crucial role in standardizing and managing these devices, thus minimizing security risks (PAE Business).

Improve Your Security Posture With ManagedPrint

ManagedPrint's MPS offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing network security, addressing critical areas like driver and firmware management, port security, and expert installation. With the increasing threats in print environments, MPS emerges as a vital component of an organization's overall cybersecurity strategy, ensuring protection against data breaches and unauthorized access.