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How Your MPS Partner Keeps It Fresh

August 8, 2022
How Your MPS Partner Keeps It Fresh How Your MPS Partner Keeps It Fresh

How Your MPS Partner Keeps It Fresh

The evolution of the business environment has defined our own managed print services journey. In a constantly evolving marketplace, business needs a partner who’s committed to keeping it fresh. What we’ve done over the years to stay relevant has always been in response to what our customers experience and struggle with, and that’s certainly changed since we started ManagedPrint in 1991. 

Thanks to a dynamic marketplace and willing clients, we constantly evaluate and refresh our practices and tools to always bring businesses the best MPS for what you face today. This article covers areas where we’ve brought fresh innovation and new skills to deliver the best managed print services. 

How We Refresh Our ManagedPrint Services and Portfolio


Security for personal documents as well as devices has been on our radar for years, and it’s still a concern we often hear from business leaders. Basically, the managed MFP today is well protected. Each manufacturer has software that protects their devices, and with regular firmware updates, devices can stay safe for years. A solid managed services company will handle that proactively and make sure you have the most recent updates. We understand the need for up-to-date security and the challenges it brings in our digital age, and keep equipment and our technicians current.


Over the years, businesses have become more concerned about their environmental footprint and conserving resources. We make print more sustainable through usage analytics and energy-efficient devices. We’ve built relationships with leading manufacturers like HP, who’ve made great strides in designing devices for sustainable print. With software for monitoring user activity, businesses can spot and correct wasteful print habits, or use digital workflow to sometimes avoid printing at all. One easy sustainability practice could be something as simple as a recycling program for paper and cartridges. 

Nationwide Service Coverage

Some of our clients need a single point of contact to service their branch offices across the US. As we’ve grown and joined forces with Novatech, we’ve also expanded our nationwide coverage. Now, although we have our original local offices, we also provide customers with a solution for nationwide printer repair. A single call to ManagedPrint, and we handle the rest. A network of certified service technicians provides coverage across North America. We continuously refine our service process and keep technicians fresh with regular training.

Fast, Responsive Trained Technicians

Businesses have become more dependent than ever on office technology, and we’ve grown our skills and knowledge to keep up with more intelligent devices and sophisticated analytics. Since 1991, our business success has depended as much on our skilled service as much as the quality devices we represent. We’ve built a unique team with the experience and support structure to return your printer to peak performance quickly. 

Over the years, our service model has evolved, too, and today we offer a single point of contact, expedited service, four-hour guaranteed response, and first-time fix commitment. This level of support demands trained, certified onsite technicians dedicated to keeping print environments up and running. An HP Authorized Service Provider, our technicians are trained by and have full access to HP partner resources, but we can still handle the multiple makes and models found in most printer fleets. 

Data-Driven Print Management

Office devices today, from printers to MFPs to copiers, have matured into intelligent systems, with Internet of Things (IoT) data collection. We have built a portfolio of state-of-the art tools to monitor print devices, dispatch technicians and capture data relating to managing your print environment.

We also use data to continually optimize print fleets and document workflows. Regular reviews with customers give them information and guidance for data-driven print strategies.  

Tame Runaway Printers and Pages

Some things haven’t changed much since 1991. Most businesses today still don’t know the number of printers they have or the number of pages users print. That’s actually gotten worse for businesses, because printers are more easily bought and deployed, often without consideration to the capacity of the existing fleet. Rarely are printers placed in order to balance print volumes with the device capacity. All of this leads to an ever increasing cost of printing.

ManagedPrint uses software to collect data on a monthly basis from your local and networked devices. This information is imported directly into our backend software, which provides us and our customers with detailed reports to guide fleet optimization.

Device Optimization, Analytics and Data for Ongoing Cost Control

Even today, the vast majority of companies have no idea what they are spending on office printing. Office printing costs are the largest unmanaged business expense and have been for a long time. It’s common for individuals from different departments to buy printers ad hoc out of their own budgets. An explosion of unmanaged devices results, many locally connected and out of sight. 

We’ve seen many variations of this problem, and we’ve seen dramatic turnarounds with analytics and device optimization. As problems like these became priorities for our customers, we responded with innovation and strategy. Our ManagedPrint model establishes a baseline for measuring costs and benefits of MPS against the current environment. Ongoing data collection and analysis guide daily support and long-term strategy. 

Technology Advances and Innovation through M&A

We’ve made significant steps in our business since 1991, always moving in the direction of giving customers more innovation, productivity, service and cost control. The value we created over the years made ManagedPrint an attractive investment, and in January 2022, Novatech acquired ManagedPrint, further strengthening our MPS portfolio and service coverage. This also brought our customer base access to a wider scope of business technology and managed services. That again fits with changing business models, as companies become more comfortable outsourcing day-to-day tech management to focus on other priorities. 

Now we operate as ManagedPrint, a Novatech Company, and report as part of the overall Novatech Managed Print Services segment. The goal is to bring business customers a fully unified team, all working from the same page and same goal of delivering value. And that’s something that never changes.