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Top 3 Easy Fixes if your Printer is not Working Correctly

March 14, 2023
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One of the most frustrating issues for people when they are trying to work is needing to print a document and finding the printer is not working. There are many reasons printers may not work since they are mechanical devices. This doesn't make it any less frustrating. Surprisingly, most issues with printing are not mechanical in nature at all. 

In this article, we will cover 3 easy fixes you can implement right now if you are having issues with your printer. These fixes could help you get printing again right away. This will not cover all the possibilities, but merely the most common reasons we see for printers not to work within our client base, which has tens of thousands of printers that are covered. The good news is that none of these suggestions even require a printer technician to go onsite!

Easy Fix #1 - Make Sure it Has Consumables Needed

This fix is just making sure the paper is loaded correctly in the trays and that there is paper in the trays. It also means looking at the screen to see if the device has an error showing, like replacing a toner or a drum (or other consumable item). We have found that many clients press print, and if it doesn't work, they assume the printer is broken before they check the basics of ensuring the printer has the necessary supplies and paper to be able to print in the first place.

Easy Fix #2 - Do You Have the Right Driver?

For many clients, they do not have the correct driver installed for the printer to print. This is especially true if you have recently gotten a new computer or tablet that you are trying to print from. If you have new computing devices, then you have to have the right driver installed. If you have a Windows computer, you can always check your printers to see if there is a PCL or a PS driver available and try the other one if you are having trouble. This will resolve print issues for those who haven't installed the print driver for the new printer or copier.

Easy Fix #3 - Did You Get a New Router?

This one is similar in a way to tip #2. If you have gotten a new router (or internet service), then it is likely the IP address in your driver is wrong. What this means is your computer is sending the print job to the wrong place, so the printer never gets it. It would be like if you moved houses and didn't tell the post office that you had moved. Mail would be delivered to the wrong address, and you wouldn't get your mail.

If you have gotten a new router or internet service, you can either delete the old driver and install the print driver again and have the driver search for the printer when it is installed, or you can call your IT department or ManagedPrint to talk to our experienced team of professionals.

These are the 3 most common printer issues we see, and the fixes for them are quite easy. If you need more help with your printers, we are here to help