Affordable Color

  • Effective but Expensive
  • Color Control
  • Color Plan
  • The Future is Bright

Effective but Expensive

There is no doubt color printing is a very effective communication tool.  Color will highlight important points and is pleasing to the eye.  It can be persuasive and powerful.  Unfortunately, it is very expensive at least 5 times as much as mono printing.  In most organizations, color printing represents less than 10% of the total volume yet accounts for up to 35% of the actual cost.

Color Control

Controlling color printing is one of the few things you can do immediately and see instant savings with no financial investment.  Almost all color laser printers have software that can control who, what and when coloring printing can happen.

Data Collection

Color Plan

Having a color plan as a subset of your overall print strategy is a must.  The color plan should include:

  • Continual monitoring of color volume and costs
  • Access control for who, what and when color printing can happen
  • Criteria for new color purchases
  • Review often new color technologies

The Future is Bright

The good news is color printing costs are continuing to fall.  New color technologies are producing printers that are faster, have higher quality prints and cost less. So make it part of your plan to review color technologies often.