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Why Managed Print Services are so Valuable to Businesses with Multiple Locations

February 15, 2023
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Solutions that help with managing a cohesive workflow and processes are often sought after, especially by businesses that have several offices, branches, and outlets under their belt.

It's no surprise that Managed Print Services (MPS) have become increasingly popular among businesses who like to expand, with offices spread out in various states. This service allows companies to streamline their printing processes and reduce costs, while improving efficiency and productivity in every location.

Are you looking to understand how MPS can benefit businesses like yours with multiple locations? This article can give you valuable insight into how MPS provides businesses with a single point of contact for all their printing needs, including hardware, software, supplies, and maintenance.  

Multiple Benefits for Multi-Businesses

Here are some of the key benefits of MPS that make it so valuable to businesses with multiple locations:

1. Centralized Management

MPS is all about putting things in one place. From input to output of document processes, MPS provides a centralized management system that allows companies to manage their printing needs from a single location. This reduces the need for IT staff to physically visit each location, saving time and money. MPS also provides a centralized ordering system for businesses within industries that deal with supply and demand. This makes it easier for businesses to keep track of their printing inventory and manage their budgets.

2. Enhanced Security

With MPS, businesses can improve security, especially with data deemed sensitive. MPS providers offer a variety of security features, such as secure print release, which requires verification through company badges and card readers in order to retrieve a print job from the printer. This helps prevent unauthorized access to confidential documents and reduces the risk of data breaches.

3. Improved Reliability on Printers and Copiers

MPS provides businesses with a more reliable printing solution by monitoring and maintaining printers and other equipment connected with print jobs. This reduces downtime and improves the overall reliability of the printing system. Furthermore, MPS providers offer a rapid response time in the event of a breakdown, which ensures that printers are up and running as soon as possible, minimizing the impact on business operations.

4. Cost Recovery

MPS helps businesses to improve their printing processes, which helps greatly with saving costs. For example, MPS can help with optimizing printing configurations, like avoiding duplicated printing, which saves on paper and reduces printing costs. Additionally, MPS providers can monitor printer usage and identify inefficiencies, such as idle printers, which can be optimized to reduce energy consumption and costs. By centralizing printing processes and monitoring usage, MPS can help with identifying inefficiencies and make recommendations for cost-saving measures. Additionally, MPS providers can negotiate lower prices for supplies and hardware, which saves businesses money.

5. Scalability

MPS is a scalable solution that grows with businesses as they expand. It provides businesses that have multiple offices to confidently scale up operations. With an agile managed print service partner, each branch of that business can optimize workflows, maximize space with the right-sized equipment, and add new devices like high-quality digital printing presses to meet their updated output requirements.

Businesses will always continue to scale to the point where they need proper support for a broad array of work processes. MPS can help implement a tailored workflow automation solution to automate paper-dependent processes such as payroll, accounting, and internal documentation for every department. MPS helps create workflow automation solutions that help multiple location businesses achieve their desired growth by streamlining business-critical processes, reducing liability due to human error, and eliminating bottlenecks.

6. Environmental Sustainability

MPS helps businesses to reduce their environmental footprint by optimizing printing processes and reducing waste. For example, MPS providers can promote duplex printing, which saves paper, and reduce energy consumption by monitoring printer usage and identifying inefficiencies. Additionally, MPS providers can also promote the use of recycled and environmentally-friendly supplies.

Managed Print Services is a valuable solution that provides businesses with centralized management, enhanced security, increased efficiency, improved reliability, cost savings, scalability, and environmental sustainability. By choosing MPS, businesses can streamline their printing processes, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Are you looking to streamline your business processes with MPS? Talk to us at ManagedPrint, we'd love to help you and your multiple offices set up with the best way to manage your print.